How to Enable SSL / HTTPS On A Joomla Site

The following tutorial will show you how to enable SSL / HTTPS on a Joomla website.

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Why should you use SSL / HTTPS on your Joomla! website

  1. Website users expect to see the green security lock (Secure) label on the website.
  2. Users feel safer visiting and sharing details with secure websites.
  3. Google ranks secure websites higher in the search engine results

How do i install a SSL certificate

For this tutorial we will use let’s encrypt ssl which is supported by a large number of web hosting companies using cpanel.

Lets encrypt SSL is a free certificate managed and issued by lets encrypt.

You don’t have to pay for the certificate plus the certificate is automatically renewed via Cpanel

Step 1 : Login into your web hosting Cpanel

Step 2 :  select the lets encrypt SSL option

Step 3 Issue a SSL certificate

The next step is to issue the lets encrypt certificate by selecting the issue button next to your website domain

Once you have selected the issue button you will see the following where you will be required to confirm the issuing of the SSL certificate for http / www and mail.

After you select the blue issue button the lets encrypt SSL certificate will be installed and enabled for the website domain.

Step 4 Enable SSL for Joomla

Login into your Joomla administrator area  and select the system menu / Global Configuration menu / Server tab

Next to the force HTTPS option choose entire site

Save the changes and https will now be enabled for the whole website including the front and back end of the Joomla website.