How To Update Joomla

This tutorial will show you how to update Joomla to the latest stable and secure version of the content management system.

The Joomla community release a number of updates each year to make improvements to the code but also to address security issues with my arise from time to time.

As and when the updates get released you will be notified about the new update once you log into the  Joomla administrator area of your website.

You can also find out about the updates by visiting the following websites or following Joomla on facebook or twitter.


what should you do before updating your website

updating Joomla is pretty simple. You log into the administrator area and click on the update button.

However you need to consider the following before you update the website
  1. Take a full backup of your Joomla website first. if something goes with the update you can recover the website using the backup. This point is very important. Don’t rely on your website hosting company to offer backups.
  2. Check the template, extension and module developers websites first to see if any announcements have been made about the update which could have an impact on the Joomla template, extension or module you have installed.
  3. Check the announcement page for any issues which may have been reported
  4. Visit the official Joomla facebook and twitter pages to confirm no issues have been reported with the latest update.

How do I Update Joomla

To update your website to the latest version of Joomla complete the following steps

Step 1 : Login into the administrator area of your website

Step 2 : Select the blue update now button

Select the blue update now button and then choose the install the update button.

Step 3 : Update is installing

Once you have selected the update now button the Joomla update installation process will start

Step 4 : Joomla update complete

The final page you will see is to confirm the update was successful.