How To View Module Positions

Joomla uses a  module system to display content via the website. for example if you wish to display information generated by Joomla on the left or right hand side of your website or maybe the footer area of the website there will be a module postion available which allows you to do this.

The PHP code which controls where the module positions appear on your website is included in the Template you have installed.

Each template you install will support diffrent module layouts so it is wise to ask the web designer who designed the template what module positons the theme support and if possible ask for a module position layout which will help you visualize the modules.

How do i view the website module positions

To view the module positions the template you have installed supports complete the following

Login into the administrator area of the website

Select the extensions menu and template manager menu

Select the options button loations in the top right hand side of the administrator area and the following will now be displayed

Enable the preview module positions option and select the save and close button.

Open the website browser and enter your website domain following by index.php?tp=1

Example if your website domain is called it will look like this

The module positions the Joomla template you have installed will now be displayed