Install Joomla In 6 Simple Steps

This guide will show you how to install the Joomla content managemet system in 6 simple steps.

System Checklist

Before installing Joomla the web hosting service should meet the following techincal requirements.

A majority of web hosting should support Joomla and meet the requirements however if you have question contact the hosting company directly.

Web Servers



Step 1 – Download Joomla

The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of Joomla to your computer by visiting

Step 2 – Upload Joomla Files To Your Web Hosting Space

After you have downloaded the latest version of Joomla you need to upload all the folders and files included in the Joomla zip file to your website hosting space.

In order to do this you will need the following
  1. Winzip application to unzip all the files and folders included in the Joomla zip file you  downloaded onto your computer.
  2. FTP software to upload all the Joomla files and folders to your web hosting space.
  3. We recommend you upload all the Joomla files and folder to the home or public_html directory on the web hosting space.

Step 3 – Create the MYSQL database and MYSQL user account

To Create the new MYSQL database and user account to be used for Joomla you need to log into your web hosting control panel ( Cpanel or plesk)

Once you have logged into the hosting control panel complete the following steps to create the MYSQL database and account

Make a note of the MYSQL databse, user name and password. You will need this information during the installation of Joomla

Select the MYSQL databases icon

Create a new mysql database. Enter the desired name for the database in the New Database field and click on the Create Database button

A confirmation screen will be displayed to confirm the database has been successfully created

 You now need to create a new MYSQL user and assign the user to the new MYSQL database you have created

To create a user you just need to fill in the desired user name and password and select the Submit button to create the new user

Once the database and the username is created, you can add privileges for the user to the database. In order to do so you should select them both from the corresponding drop-down menus under Add User To Database label and click on the Submit button 

You will be redirected to a screen where you will be prompted to choose the desired privileges. You need to select the All Privileges and click on the Make Changes button

Step 4 – Joomla Configuation

After you have successfully uploaded all the Joomla folders and files to the public_html directory on the website hosting space and created the new MYSQL database and MYSQL account you can now install Joomla

To install Joomla open your web browser and visit your website and the the following Joomla configuration sceen will appear.

  1. site name : enter the name of your website.
  2. Description : enter the description for the website.
  3. Email : Enter the email address for the website
  4. User name : Enter the user name you will use to login into the Joomla administrator area. This user name will be the super user for the website and have complete control of the website. Do not use admin for the user name. We recommend you use a name which only you can rememeber.
  5. Password : Enter a strong password for the new Joomla super user account. Visit this website to generate a strong password
  6. Select the next button to goto the next setup page.

Step 5 : Database configuration

The next step is to enter the information for the MYSQL database and MYSQL user name

  1. Database Type : this will normally be MySQLi
  2. Hostname: This should be localhost
  3. Username: Enter the mysql user name you created in step 3
  4. Password: Enter the mysql password you created  in step 3
  5. Database Name: Enter the mysql database name you created in step 3
  6. Table Prefix : This will be automatically generated. You do not need to change this.
  7. Select the next button to continue to the next button step 6

Step 6 : Installation Overview

The Joomla installation overview allows you to review the technical specification before completing the final stage of the installation.

  1. You also have the option to install sample data which will popular your website with content, menus and other information.We recommend you choose one of the same data options to help you get started with Joomla.
  2. You can also get Joomla to send the user name and password you created to a email address you specify.
  3. Once you have completed step 1 and 2 choose the Blue Install button


Step 7: Installation is complete

The final step confirms the Joomla installation is now complete and ready for you to use.

You will also have to remove the installation folder buy choosing the orange remove installation button

Joomla Administrator Login

Now you have successfully complete the Joomla installation you can log into the website with your super user account details to setup and manage the website. To access the administrator enter your website address followed by /administrator example